Hi. I'm Shauna.
I specialize in messaging and brand strategy.

About Me

Nice to meet you.
I take the complicated and make it simple.

I don't have one of those nice, neat descriptive job titles like "doctor" or "lawyer" or "Somali pirate." What I do is a little more multi-faceted.

The elevator pitch: I'm a communicator. I help businesses figure out what to say, how to say it, and where and when to do so.

To make that happen, I draw upon a variety of skills including content strategy, copywriting, marketing strategy, social media strategy, brand protection, reputation management, UX and more. (Usually not all at once but oh ... do I have stories.)

Ask me what I write and I'll respond, "Whatcha got?" Seriously, I write everything: One-line slogans, website copy, books — and all points in between. Online or off, I take the complicated and make it simple, and I'm a master storyteller.

Years of experience have also given me the ability to easily switch voices as demanded. Some projects call for humor, while others are more serious. I'm adept at assessing the target audience and jumping in with the best approach.

Bottom line: If you have questions, I have answers. As a communicator, that's what I do.

  • Writing

    copywriting and editing of websites, slogans, emails, books, brochures, blogs, scripts, SEO, press releases and partridges in pear trees

  • Strategy

    content strategy and social media strategy, including benchmarking, site audits, gap analysis and more

  • Communications

    public speaking, internal and external messaging, brand protection, reputation management and more

  • Coffee Consumption

speaking credits, media mentions & awards

Success Stories

Project highlights
content strategy

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People say the nicest things

And I don't even have to pay them to do it.

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